Liqueurs from Sorrento

In the towns of the Sorrento Peninsula the custom of producing spirits and liqueurs at home exists since time immemorial. In fact, in past centuries, families in Sorrento showed their hospitality by offering a wide variety of liqueurs, all produced according to old recipes jealously handed down from generation to generation, a tradition that is still very strong today.

Among the typical liqueurs of Sorrento and its peninsula, Limoncello is certainly the best known and appreciated, but it is only the most famous liqueur that is produced in this area since remote times.


So as to preserve and also make this rich heritage of local enogastronomical traditions known throughout the rest of Italy and the world,  In addition to its traditional Limoncello of Sorrento, Villa Massa produces other liqueurs, all respecting old recipes passed down over centuries:


Limoncello Cream, unique in flavor, color, and fragrance,  mixes together the same infusion of lemon peels used for the  Limoncello with a delicate milk cream. The result is a smooth and fragrant liqueur, ideal for delicate palates  that do not like strong liqueurs, and that can enjoy its very pleasant, velvety flavor.


Walnut liqueur (also known as Nocino or Nocillo), is a dark colored, delicately aromatic,  digestive liqueur obtained from  excellent Sorrento walnuts following strict processing procedures.


Mandarin liqueur, obtained from the peels of Sorrento mandarins, is listed as a typical local product because of the peculiarities of the citrus fruit used, recognizable by its very fragrant peel.


Orange Liqueur , with an intense aroma and unique taste, is made ​​from  the sweet, juicy “blonde” oranges of  Sorrento that, together with its lemons, represent  one of the most successful  and characteristics cultivations of the Sorrento Peninsula.