The Oval of Sorrento

At the root of the superior quality of the Villa Massa products is the choice of using only raw materials grown in the area of Sorrento, among which  the characteristic  lemon stands out: the “Oval of Sorrento”.


The Oval of Sorrento distinguishes itself from more common lemons on the market because of its size, color, juiciness, and flavor. Its qualitative features make it a point of excellence in its category, so much so as to be recognized by the European Union as a product with a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). The PGI Lemon of Sorrento grows only in the towns of the Sorrento peninsula (Massa Lubrense,  Meta, Piano di Sorrento, Sant’Angelo, Sorrento, Vico Equense), as well on the island of Capri.


The typical characteristics of the Oval of Sorrento lies mainly in the cultivation technique used, which has remained unchanged over the centuries and is characterized by the use of "pagliarelle", straw mats that are placed on chestnut pole scaffolds, in order to repair the lemon trees from the elements. Harvesting is carried out strictly by hand, in order to prevent the lemons from coming into direct contact with the ground.

 Thanks to this secular cultivation technique, which allows the fruit to mature more slowly, protrected from the cold and wind, a quality of lemon is obtained with properties that are indisputably superior and universally valued.


It is from this valuable raw material and, in particular, from the fragrant peels of this citrus fruit, that Villa Massa produces its Traditional Villa Massa Limoncello of Sorrento, produced according to a centuries-old family recipe. It is the focus on the raw materials used, combined with careful attention towards traditional production processes, that has made Villa Massa a leader in the sale of the most prized and distinctive lemon liqueur, and a  taste of it is definitely one of the best ways to fully appreciate  the unique qualities of the lemons of Sorrento.