An ancient family recipe

An ancient family recipe

Limoncello, a love for the good things of times gone by

Sorrento Limoncello is produced by the company Villa Massa using exclusively Sorrento Oval PGI lemons grown in its own lemon grove and following an ancient family recipe.


Villa Massa limoncello is produced in accordance with the family’s ancient secret recipe using modern and efficient production techniques that enable us to maintain the consistently high quality of this prized liqueur. The lemons are harvested rigorously by hand, before being brought into the factory to be washed, dried and immediately sent for mechanical peeling. This process produces super thin layers of peel that is rich in essential oils.
The peels of Sorrento Oval lemons are then left to infuse in pure molasses alcohol inside stainless steel drums for at least 3 days; this is how the aromatic transfer takes place, i.e. when all of the lemon’s essential oils are transferred to the alcohol. Before it is packaged, the infusion is filtered several times and stored in a temperature-controlled room, before being blended with a filtered syrup of water and sugar.


Even the way Villa Massa is bottled is designed to preserve all of the liqueur’s sensory properties, by withstanding the test of time and very low temperatures. Villa Massa limoncello is a living product that should be kept cool and away from direct light sources. It is for this reason that the glass bottle is sealed with a puff of nitrogen, ensuring that the product remains properly preserved over time. In addition, in order to best protect the limoncello and its aroma, Villa Massa recommends that the product is kept in the freezer before being serving.


Villa Massa’s Limoncello has a unique colour - a vibrant green with hints of yellow and white - the result of a long infusion process that enables the lemon’s bright yellow pigment to naturally infuse into the alcohol. When you taste Villa Massa, you immediately discover its unique aroma: the lemon tastes so intense and alive that it transports you immediately to a lemon grove with views out over the Gulf of Naples. Its natural flavour delicately cleanses the palate, creating the perfect balance between the acidic lemony notes, the sweet notes and the alcoholic base. The traditional way to enjoy limoncello is chilled to -7° in a chilled shot glass, but , you can also get a sense of the superior quality of Villa Massa by tasting it at room temperature, or by using it in Mediterranean-style cocktails .
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