Caffè corretto

The typical taste of Italian life around the table

Caffè Corretto with liqueur is one of the most fragrant, lively and colourful expressions of the Italian way of life: coffee “corrected” with Villa Massa Limoncello or Villa Massa Limoncello Cream combines in one after-dinner drink the two most distinctive Campanian flavours, loved and exported around the world.

Coffee is the Italian drink par excellence, one of the specialities that makes Naples great around the world. Over time, the classic espresso coffee has come to represent the Italian and, in particular, the Southern Italian identity, as authentic Sorrento Limoncello represents the most characteristically of all the exquisite Italian liqueurs from Campania. Together, these two Mediterranean specialities create a digestif that is exquisitely Neapolitan and breaks the monotony of classic coffee in just one sip.


To make “caffè corretto” with Villa Massa Limoncello all you need to do is prepare a good espresso and add a few drops of limoncello to the cup.


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