Drinking Villa Massa

Creative ideas and aperitifs

Neat limoncello or a refreshing aperitif based on lemon liqueur? Discover the Villa Massa & Tonica and Villamosa cocktails and all the different ways you can enjoy limoncello

Drinking limoncello: creative ideas and aperitifs

There are some traditions that have endured for over a century, such as those related to authentic Sorrento Limoncello and the convivial nature of the end of a meal typical of households in Southern Italy. But there are also new ways of savouring and appreciating the lemon liqueur that epitomises the “Made in Italy” spirit. Villa Massa has placed limoncello at the heart of a new taste creativity, without leaving tradition behind

Creative ideas and aperitifs

The Italian way

The simplicity of tradition

To enjoy the all-Italian experience of limoncello, try drinking it neat at 7°C in little chilled cordial glasses, after lunch or dinner. The refreshing effect of the intense lemon aroma and digestive power of the alcoholic infusion of lemon peels will surprise you.

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Villa Massa & Tonica

Refreshing aperitif on the rocks

This light and summery drink, made of limoncello and tonic water, will make you fall in love thanks to the refreshing power of lemon and distinctive aroma of basil. With just one sip, the aftertaste of Sorrento lemons and its strikingly “Italian” aroma will transport you to the Mediterranean coast.

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The elegant all-Italian cocktail

All the excellence of north and south Italy in one champagne flute that adds a touch of fizz to the Mediterranean flavour of Sorrento lemons. You will be surprised by the liveliness and subtlety of this light and refreshing drink, made from Sorrento PGI lemon liqueur and Prosecco DOC .

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