What is Villa Massa?
Villa Massa is a lemon liqueur produced in Sorrento, Italy from a family recipe that dates back to the 1890’s. This liqueur is also known as Limoncello.

When was the company founded?
Officially introduced to the world in 1991 by the brothers Sergio and Stefano Massa.

What is the alcohol content of Villa Massa?
Villa Massa is 30% vol.

Which types of lemons are used to produce Villa Massa?
Villa Massa exclusively uses the peels of the P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication) Sorrento lemons

Is Villa Massa gluten free?
Yes, Villa Massa is gluten free

How is it made?
Villa Massa is made from the cold infusion of thin fresh peels from a special botanical lemon species “Limone Ovale di Sorrento” (Oval Lemon of Sorrento), grown only in the Sorrento peninsula and in the Capri island. By using only the P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication) Sorrento lemon variety, Villa Massa is more than just a Limoncello. It is a Lemon Liqueur from Sorrento, a category recognized by the European Community.

What kind of alcohol does Villa Massa contain?
Villa Massa uses premium sugar-beet-based alcohol.

Is Villa Massa a GMO free product?
Yes, Villa Massa is GMO free.

What is the anti-oxidant L–ascorbic?
Ascorbic acid is a naturally occurring organic compound with antioxidant properties. It is one form of C Vitamin.

What’s the sugar content in one bottle of Villa Massa?
About 25% of sugar per liter.

How many lemons do you use per bottle?
Min. 250 gr of lemons per liter.

Does Villa Massa has an expiration date?
No it hasn’t an expiration date. It is suggested to stock the bottle at cold temperatures and far from sunlight

What is the best temperature for delivering a perfect Villa Massa serve?
Traditionally in Italy we like to enjoy Villa Massa limoncello ice cold (around -7°C) but you can also try it neat at room temperature.

Does Villa Massa contain colourings?
No. Villa Massa doesn’t contain any colourings.

Is Villa Massa suitable for vegans?
Yes, Villa Massa is suitable for vegans.

Is Villa Massa Limoncello Allergen-free?
Yes, Villa Massa Limoncello is allergen-free.

Is Villa Massa Kosher?
Villa Massa makes a Kosher et Passover production but only for the state of Israel.  

Where are the lemons cultivated?
Lemons are grown in Sorrento, Italy on shaded hillside terraces overlooking the bay of Naples. Their trees grow up in volcanic soil and in a very mild micro-climate, allowing the slow maturation of the lemons.

Is it possible to visit Villa Massa lemon grove and facility?
Yes. In order to book your tour please contact us:


+39 081 7506111

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