Limoncello babà cakes

The delight of Neapolitan pastry with a surprise twist

The craftsmanship of Neapolitan pastry combined with the aroma of Sorrento limoncello: this is how limoncello babà cakes are created, one of the tastiest, most fragrant and delicious varieties of this traditional Neapolitan dessert.

Babà cakes, or babbà cakes, are baked and leavened sweet pastries; this typical and very old Neapolitan pastry product was introduced under French rule, just like croissants and brioche.
For Neapolitans, both babà cakes and limoncello are essential components of a Sunday lunch menu, when the whole family gathers together. Limoncello babà cakes successfully combine these two after-dinner traditions - one sweet and the other alcoholic and digestive - in one dessert, resulting in a dish that has unique flavours and aromas. In fact, this dessert is made by preparing the classic babà pastry enriched with a lemon cream filling and a limoncello syrup.


To create limoncello babà cakes, Villa Massa will share a recipe from the award-winning chef Giovanni Bruno, which includes 4 different preparations: one for the pastry, one for the syrup, one for the lemon cream and one for the almond crumble. To garnish, you can use meringue or lemon ice-cream

For the limoncello babà cake pastry
Ingredients: 300g flour; 300g whole eggs (whisked); 15g brewer’s yeast; 30g sugar; 1 pinch of salt; 120g butter at room temperature
Preparation: Mix the flour together with the sugar, yeast and half of the eggs. When the mixture is smooth, add the remaining egg along with the butter, and mix together. Pour the mixture into special babà cake moulds and leave the mixture to rise. Finally, bake at 180°C for 20 minutes to finish cooking.

The syrup that soaks the limoncello babà cakes
Ingredients: 250g sugar; 1L water; 200ml Villa Massa Limoncello

For the lemon cream used to fill the limoncello babà cakes
Ingredients: 800g butter; 440g sugar; 2 eggs; 360g egg yolks; 360g lemon juice
Preparation: Mix together all the ingredients and heat them up to 82°C.

For the almond crumble for the limoncello babà cakes
Ingredients: 100g butter; 100g sugar; 100g chopped almonds; 100g flour
Preparation: Mix together all the ingredients until you get a sand-like texture. Place this mixture in a pan and bake in the oven at 180°C.
Remove from the oven and mix the crumble using a spatula.


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