Limoncello ice lollies

A fresh summery treat

When the heat gets truly unbearable, ice lollies come into their own. But just like with ice cream, the addition of limoncello to ice lollies makes for a very special and slightly alcoholic treat, perfect for adults with a sophisticated palate.

Ice lollies are a very popular cold sweet treat made from a mixture of water and sugar or a sweet aromatic syrup, frozen onto wooden sticks. They were invented by a child and, in Italy, have evolved into a refreshing dessert enjoyed by everyone. This is not only because the heat can become sweltering, but also because there are very special alcoholic versions, such as limoncello ice lollies, that are easy to make at home as a fun addition to a pool party or simply as a way to cool down on a warm evening or after a day at the beach.


To make limoncello ice lollies, mix 100ml water with 20ml lemon juice, two tablespoons of sugar, 20ml Villa Massa limoncello and the grated zest of a Sorrento PGI lemon. Mix everything together and pour the mixture into special moulds, then place in the freezer until completely solidified.


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