Over fruit

Over fruit

When fruit salad is fun

Over fruit

Another way to use limoncello is as an accompaniment to fruit, in what is called a limoncello fruit salad or a “drunk fruit salad”: a healthy yet delicious dessert.
Another tradition in Italy, where copious amounts of fruit are grown every season, is to eat fruit at the end of a meal. This fresh and traditionally summery custom goes back to Roman times. In this case too, as with coffee, Villa Massa’s traditional Limoncello can break the monotony of an average fruit salad for special lunches or dinners, with a more imaginative take on a classic by adding lemon liqueur.


To make a “drunk fruit salad”, first prepare a classic fruit salad: select some seasonal fruit, rinse it well and chop it into cubes. Be careful to chop and soak the harder fruit (like apple) first, before doing the same with softer fruit (like strawberry and kiwi), to obtain a fruit salad with a perfect texture. Add the juice of one lemon mixed with sugar and a few tablespoons of Villa Massa Limoncello to the fruit according to taste. Store in the fridge and, just before serving, add another splash of limoncello to each portion. For a more eye-catching presentation, serve the fruit salad in a hollowed out and decorated pineapple or melon cut in half.


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