Over ice-cream

Artisanal ice-cream with an alcoholic kick

Ice-cream is another Italian speciality that can be made more exciting by adding Villa Massa’s traditional limoncello: this is one way to give classic ice-cream a new lease of life, reserving this treat for adult foodies only.

Although it was its introduction to France that made it famous throughout Europe, ice-cream is recognised as an authentic product today only if Italian. The credit for this goes to Italian gastronomic mastery, which is the reason that we now know the world’s best ice-cream is made in Italy. The same is true of limoncello: authentic limoncello, such as Villa Massa’s, is made exclusively using Sorrento PGI lemons. Therefore, by combining these two Italian specialities you can create a truly special and slightly alcoholic bowl of ice-cream, thanks to the addition of a few spoonfuls of Villa Massa Limoncello.


To prepare ice-cream with limoncello, choose the best artisanal Italian ice-cream, preferably in a fruity flavour such as lemon, melon, strawberry or even vanilla. Spoon the ice-cream into little bowls, or biscuit or wafer cones, using the appropriate tool to create classic scoops of ice-cream. Pour two spoonfuls of limoncello over the ice-cream and garnish with lemon zest, which brings out the aroma.


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