The Italian Way

The Italian Way

Neat limoncello, elegant Italian inspiration

The Italian Way

To enjoy the all-Italian experience of limoncello, try drinking it neat in little chilled shot glasses, after lunch or dinner. The refreshing effect of the intense lemon aroma and digestive power of the alcoholic maceration of lemon peels will surprise you.

For Italians, particularly those in Southern Italy, drinking limoncello after a meal is an unmissable ritual on more sociable occasions, when good food is an opportunity to socialise with family and friends. In addition to its restorative and digestive powers, the traditional consumption of limoncello is also linked to the Italian family tradition of gathering together around a table, where eating well is always associated with the affection of grandmothers and the loving care of mothers, with a simple happiness made up of authentic things. It is for these reasons that this enjoyable Italian custom also appeals to those abroad, thanks to the authentic values that it conveys; it becomes an elegant source of inspiration for people who love good food and authentic Italian-made products.


Keep both the bottle of Villa Massa Sorrento Limoncello and the little glasses in the freezer, and only take them to the table when it’s time to serve it. The ideal temperature for drinking limoncello is -7°C. Pour the limoncello and enjoy its refreshing effect as it glides smoothly across the palate.


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