The ovals of Sorrento

The Ovals Of Sorrento

This region’s pride is our raw ingredient

A rich and vibrant yellow, a thick and intensely fragrant peel, a very acidic juice full of vitamin C, and a unique abundance of essential oils: these are the distinctive features of Sorrento Oval lemons, which have grown in our region for centuries and which we use to make Villa Massa limoncello. These are not common lemons but are a unique citrus fruit that grows exclusively on the Sorrento Peninsula and on the Island of Capri. Distinguished by their size, colour, juiciness and fragrance, their qualitative characteristics make them an excellent product in their category, recognised by the European Union with the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).


The success of Sorrento’s best known liqueur can be attributed to the incredible properties of the lemons used to make Villa Massa and inn particular to the thickness of the peel, rich in intense essential oils, which is infused in alcohol, giving the traditional limoncello its distinctive bright yellow colour and unmistakable flavour. The mild climate and volcanic soil also contribute to the aromas and flavours of the Sorrento lemons and make them like no other lemons.



The typical characteristics of Sorrento Oval lemons are derived primarily from the farming techniques used, which have remained unchanged through the centuries. Just as we did one hundred years ago, today we cultivate Sorrento Oval lemons using characteristic straw mats called “pagliarelle”, which rest on chestnut trellises and protect the trees from the elements, and we harvest the lemons by hand in order to prevent direct contact between the fruit and the soil. This ancient farming technique lets the lemons ripen gradually, sheltered from the cold and wind, and enables us to get high-quality lemons with superior properties, which we then use to produce limoncello with a unique fragrance and taste. Learn more about Villa Massa’s lemon grove


Our company produces Villa Massa’s Sorrento limoncello, proudly preserving the goodness of this unique fruit and taking scrupulous care of the lemon grove and the plants’ natural growth, without the use of chemical fertilizers. By using ancient techniques and paying special attention to each stage of production, we preserve the authenticity of the family limoncello recipe, which is free from artificial colours or flavours.. That is how the authentic product that is Villa Massa limoncello is created, just like the fruit and values from which it is born.

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