Over 100 years of limoncello

Sorrento limoncello is one of the typical local products from the Campania’s food and drink tradition, and has been produced and savoured for over a hundred years in that narrow stretch of land nestled amongst nature and the cobalt blue sea.

The earliest reports of limoncello come from Capri, where the brand “limoncello” was registered for the first time in 1900. According to Amalfi traditions, the origins of limoncello can be traced back to the introduction of lemon farming to the coastline from the late nineteenth to the early twentieth century, when Sorrento great families would ensure that illustrious and welcome guests would never be deprived of a taste of limoncello: at that time, the liqueur was produced at home using the best citrus fruits from the families’ own lemon groves, and was a symbol of authentic and merry hospitality. The Massa family was one of the families who preserved the tradition of homemade limoncello.


In order to make this liqueur accessible to everyone, beyond the confines of Sorrento and across the seas, brothers Sergio and Stefano Massa transformed a family tradition into the pioneering company that markets this local liqueur internationally. Implementing modern and efficient production techniques, Villa Massa was the first company to bring the excellence of limoncello to the rest of the world. Just like back then, Villa Massa limoncello continues to be produced in the heart of the Sorrento Peninsula.

It is no coincidence that Villa Massa limoncello has been honoured to receive numerous excellence awards since 1991, and has also been served to heads of state and renowned individuals at various international events, including the G7 summit and a visit by the Spanish royals.


An excellent digestif when enjoyed cold, today Villa Massa is much more than this: it is the star of a new tradition of preparing refreshing cocktails to serve in bars and parties around the world. Discover all the ways of drinking Villa Massa .

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